No More Excuses - “The Ngolinga Shoe”

Knock, knock, knock. “You can come in,” I yell as I’m swiping through Facebook on my phone. I look up as the doors opens and there he is - Sergio dressed in his workout gear.

“Are you ready?” he asks. I give him the awkward stare. “Umm….well, I need to finish something up here. You can go without me,” I say and look down at my phone. He looks up as he sighs. I can tell he’s thinking of the right words to say to convince me to get dressed. He's been waiting on me to free up my schedule (which is in fact wide open, to my dismay). “Fran,” he begins, “I don’t want to hear you complaining about your weight or your health anymore. If I have to listen to one more complaint…as a matter of fact, I don’t even want to think about it. I’m not leaving without you.”

I look up at him and I can tell he is serious. “Fine, OK. I get it. You’re right. I’m coming,” I respond. He’s not letting me out of this one, I tell myself. I am so annoyed because I wish I had a desire to go to the gym, but I’m honestly dreading it. The truth is I want the results, but I don’t want to put in the work. Fran, get it together, I tell myself. This is YOUR health. Invest in yourself...

5 minutes later, I’m ready and we walk out the door. Sergio catches me smirking and laughs, saying, “I know you too well! You’ll be thanking me for this later.”

He was right! The next day, my whole body was sore, but I felt like I had made some progress! For the first time in a while, I didn't complain. 

I’m sure you’ve heard the saying, “You’re all talk, but no action,” right? Well, that phrase applies perfectly to complainers.  It’s so much easier to complain about things going on in our lives than to do something about it. It takes 5 minutes to rant about how much debt you’re in, versus a few hours (maybe even days) to put together a debt-free plan and execute it. Or 5 minutes each day to complain about how much you hate your job, versus the couple of hours a day you could spend looking and applying for new job positions. Or how about that toxic relationship you waste 30 minutes of your friends time (seriously?) complaining about every other day, versus taking some time to end the relationship and heal.

Yes, I know it’s 100 times easier to complain than to take steps of action. But that's the problem. We get so comfortable with easy routes (complaining) that we cripple ourselves. Those steps of action are so important if we truly desire change. It’s impossible to experience something new if we aren’t willing to make a change.

As we head into the holidays and close out the year, I want to challenge you! What is one thing you’ve been complaining about a lot (and I mean A LOT) lately that you want to see change? Think about...take a minute...OK, now I want you to commit to take steps towards changing whatever that is. It’s not going to happen over night, and I know that when change seems so far fetched or difficult, it’s easier to default to complaining. But, I want you to try for YOUR own good. You owe it to yourself to live a life where you are at peace with yourself. No one else can do that, but you!

Oh, don’t worry! I’m doing this with you too. I’m committed to closing out 2015 knowing that I am doing everything I can to be a better me each day. So, I hope you’ll join me :)

Each post is named after a pair of "fictitious" (for now) shoes. For this post, I chose the name "Ngolinga," which means “complainer.”

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