3 Keys to Overcoming Comfort Zones: Key 1

The day my husband and I decided to start a church plant in Greenbelt, MD was monumental for me. Leadership was something others saw in us as individuals before we married. So when we did get married, it was expected that we would do something to that capacity. I clearly remember the day we went to a gathering and a woman said to us after meeting us for the first time, “Individually, you are each powerful. But together, you are dynamite!” Those words stuck with me for years, but my husband and I never brought up the conversation of being pastors. We felt (and still feel) that level of responsibility is a calling too high to take for granted and treat lightly. My biggest fear was not having the abilities and credentials worthy of leading others, and also the unknown of how my family would be affected with the demands of the responsibility. I knew way more families than not that fell apart due to spouses spending more time outside of the home caring for their members while their own family members were neglected. I told my husband in passing conversations it was something I would not consider.

But God had other plans! And in the midst of the most chaotic time in our lives, we felt the calling press on our hearts so strongly that we could not run anymore. The day we made the transition, I cried and asked God, “Why now and why me?” We had just bought a new home, I was pregnant with my first child, my husband had just transitioned jobs, we had no financial backing, and no team. It made absolutely no sense to launch a ministry in a city we weren’t familiar with and lead people who didn’t know us.

It’s amazing how God will use people you least expect to remind you that He’s got you covered and you’re not alone! I took courage and said yes to the call because I firmly believed that if this was God’s design for me in this season, it would be best for me to honor Him with my obedience. And let me say, He has been more than faithful!!!

If we give in to our fears, our world will be confined to a small bubble and we’ll miss out on all the potential that could be taking place around us. Yes, it’s hard to move forward with something when we don’t know what the outcome will be or we fear that it’ll lead to another mistake. However, if we’ve thought things through with wisdom and made a plan for the things that are within our control, then we can take the next step believing that the journey will lead us right where it needs to and we will be alright - rain or shine!

So, if you’re currently at a crossroads or just stuck in your comfort zone, here’s my first piece of advice to shake things up and propel you in the right direction!

Take Courage

“Courage is not the absence of fear, but the ability to move forward in spite of it.” (Anonymous)

One of the common mistakes we make is to think that we have to feel no fear in order to move forward. This is far from the truth! Fear is and always will be a constant in our lives. But courage understands that while fear is present, we can move forward anyway.

To take courage is to make a mental decision that you will move forward despite your fear of the unknown or failure, and then take action. Because it starts in the mind, it requires confronting your fear and overpowering it with your WHY. Whenever fear wants to take over, remember your WHY! Why did you start the business? Why did you sign up for that class? Why did you pursue that relationship or let it go? Why did you choose that career path? Why did you become a parent? Why did you take that job offer?

If there isn’t a serious and beneficial WHY behind what you are doing, then there is no real motive. The reason we stay in our PJs during the day if we’re at home is because there is no real motive to get ready. Now, if you’re told the in-laws are coming over or your friends from out of town are stopping by, then you have motive to get dressed and look presentable.

This is why every business or organization operates with a mission statement. It’s their WHY. And when they lose sight of their WHY, things begin to go downhill.

Always remember why you started, why you made the decision. That is your motivator every day, that is what fuels you and gives your life purpose everyday to pursue that goal!

Write it down on your walls, put sticky notes everywhere, so that when fear wants to throw you down, you can go back to your WHY station and get some fuel.

What crossroads are you currently facing and how do you plan to move forward? Drop a comment below and let’s start a conversation :)