Storms Speak: "The Ayani Shoe"

Crack...BOOM! I’m looking out of my work window and I see the dark clouds rolling in. It’s thundering and it looks like there's going to be a horrible storm. I still have another half hour left at work. I forgot my umbrella! My hair is going to get soaking wet...ugh. I just got it done too!

All of sudden everything outside goes dark. BOOM. Crack. BOOM BOOM!

3 seconds later, all I hear is the sound of a million tiny stones hitting my window pain. It's coming down fast and there is no sign of life on the street as everyone is scurrying to find shelter from the rain. There’s no way I’m going out in this rain, I’m thinking.

Just as I’m getting ready to pick up the phone to call my grandmother and let her know not to expect me home at my usual time, the janitor walks by my office. “Rain,” she points outside the window. “Refreshing,” she smiles.

“Ah, yes,” I respond. “But now I have to stay here for a long time until it calms down. I don’t have an umbrella.”

She laughs and shakes her head at me. “No, señorita. You’ll see, it will end soon.” I turn from the window and look at her puzzled. Does she not see how bad it is outside? There is no way this storm is going to end anytime soon.

She continues saying, “Regular rain showers can last for hours - even days. But, not storms. Storms come down so hard that they only last a few minutes. They may look ugly, but don’t let their appearance scare you. They’ll soon pass, and when they do, they leave behind the clearest of skies and the most beautiful rainbows.”

Sure enough, as she finishes her sentence, a ray of sunlight hits the side of her face. I quickly turn to look out the window. To my surprise, the tapping on my window pane has ceased and the sun is blazing through the clouds.

Have you ever been through a tough situation that seems like it’s never going to end or never be resolved? Or maybe you’re going through a very difficult time right now and you’re worried, scared, and/or almost hopeless. I won’t lie to you - I’ve been there, plenty of times.

But every time I think I’ve hit rock bottom, I remember the lesson on storms. Every difficult situation has a deadline; it can’t last forever.

So, if your current struggle feels like mild showers, hang in there. It may last a little longer than you wished, but the doses of rain (challenges, decisions, character building) are making you a better person each day! And if your current struggle feels like a heavy storm that’s weighing you down, don’t let fear or worry get in the way of you pushing forward. Your storm is soon to be over and when it is, you’ll look back and realize how strong of a person you really are!

No matter what your situation looks like - rain or storm - you are built to endure it and YOU WILL OVERCOME IT!

Each post is named after a pair of "fictitious" (for now) shoes. For this post, I chose the name "Ayani," which means overcomer, victorious in the struggle.