A Jolly Christmas

While fall is my favorite season, Christmas is my favorite time of year! Everything about the holiday spirit - from Thanksgiving to New Years - gets me in the happiest of moods! It’s during this time of year that we reflect on the things we are grateful for; we are obligated to think of others rather than focus on ourselves; and we go from one celebration to the next. Not to mention all the incredible sales, the winter fashion, and the home cooked meals - but we’ll save all that talk for another day ;)

This has truly been a blessed year for me and my family. There was no better way to reflect that than to have a festive theme that would bring out all the happy feels. So, I decided to go with a Jolly Christmas for this year’s theme!

When it comes to decorating, I find it’s easiest to center my ideas around an item I love. I chose this pompom pillow as the inspiration around our Jolly Christmas theme. It’s colorful and playful, yet not over the top. The ivory background and gold trim give it a nice touch of elegance.


I didn’t want to spend money on all new decorative pillows (those prices can add up!). So, I pulled out my red and white pillows from last year. I also added the girls’ pillows from our family room since the red and turquoise blue were the main vibrant colors in this theme! To help give the eyes a break on all the bright colors, I bought gold accent pillows and ivory faux fur throws (for those cuddling nights!).


This year, I wanted our tree to look like organized, beautiful chaos, because that is exactly how I would describe my little family :) Everyone brings a unique touch to the unit! In the same way, I wanted a diversity of ornaments on the tree that would make it beautiful! I was so excited to find these colorful fabric ornaments at Target that also went perfectly with the theme! I went with stitched and solid fabrics to add texture. I also decided to add our glass ornaments from two years ago because they were all different colors and sizes.


To top it all off, I made a big red bow (out of red wired ribbon) for the tree topper. I chose a bow over any other style because it’s playful and reminds me of my beautiful daughters!


Kalea picked out the reindeer for the coffee table! (After watching Frozen a million times, she didn’t want a Christmas without reindeer). I bought a pine and berry garland to finish the setting and placed an old gold Christmas tree in the middle. I’ll be honest, I still can’t decide if I like the gold tree there or not, and for that reason, I’ll probably put it back in storage soon.


If you’re still deciding on Christmas decor or adding your last touches, here’s a summary of my tips!

  1. Pick a theme! It makes it easier to shop for decor when you have a theme you can focus on.

  2. Select a theme around a favorite piece. It can be a pillow, artwork, an object, anything! Use the colors and the tone of the piece to guide you as you select your theme colors.

  3. Have an accent color. In my opinion, the accent color is the “je ne sais quoi” that brings everything together. It can help tone down the design, add pop, draw the eyes attention, etc.

  4. Have fun! It’s your home and you’re living in it, so whatever you decide to do, make it a place you’re happy to walk into everyday!

Please tag me in your Christmas decor if you use any of these tips! I’d love to see what holiday decor theme you’ve decided on for Christmas! It looks like Kalea would have preferred a milk and cookies theme ;)