Baby #2 Diary - Mama, it's time!

Honestly, everything happened so fast and I’m still processing the fact that my baby girl is here! So the easiest way for me to share this is to give you a play by play of August 18th :) Are you ready? Let’s begin...

7am - I’m up in the morning helping my husband prepare for our church’s big community event, MyHopefest. I feel great, so I decide to attend the event for a few hours and show my support. I shower, make some breakfast, get my daughter ready, and head out with her grandparents to MyHopefest at noon.

12pm - I'm having a blast at MyHopefest and team members are shocked to see me wobbling around. An hour later...oooh! I feel a contraction. It’s probably a false alarm again, I think to myself. I’d been getting false alarms on and off the entire week. But 30 minutes later, another one comes. One of the team members spots me walking slower than usual and asks, “Are you OK?? You’re making me nervous!” I smile and say, “I’m good, just another contraction, nothing unusual!” But deep down I think to myself, Ok, that’s my cue to take it easy and go on home!

3pm - I drive home, take a quick shower, and get in bed for a nap. If this is the real thing, I need to recuperate all my energy. 

4pm - Ouch! A contraction wakes me up. Could this be the real thing?! I go back to sleep. 20 minutes later...oooohh man - that one was stronger! I call my husband. “Hey babe, just letting you know I’ve had two strong contractions. But this could be a false alarm.” He replies, “Ok, I’ll see you in a bit!”

4:30pm - My husband arrives with my sister, Tracey. As soon as they walk in, another contraction hits me - this one much stronger than the last. I lean over on the side of the bed and let out low, deep groans while swaying my hips, “ooooooohhhhhh! Oooooohhhhh!”

Tracey starts talking: “Fran,” she asks, “Are you OK?” I don't respond. Sergio responds for me, “She’s fine. She’s just managing the pain.”

When the contraction passes, I got up and began to make the bed while telling my husband, “Babe, please tell Tracey not to ask me questions while I’m working through a contraction.” So he walks over to the guest room. “Tracey, your sister asks that you please don’t ask her questions when you see she’s having a contraction.”

“She didn’t say that,” Tracey responds.

“She did!” Sergio chuckles.

“I did!” I yell from my room. We all start laughing!

5pm - My sister in law, Angela, arrives. “I’m here! So are we having a baby or what?! I’m ready!” I smile and respond, “I think this is the real thing. We’ll see!” I'm still not fully convinced because the contractions were about 18 minutes apart and manageable. I text my birth team to notify them of my status in the event Nadae is ready to make her grand entrance.

5:30pm - My contractions go from 7-9 minutes apart to 3 minutes apart in a matter of minutes. I couldn’t talk or walk through them. I knew then that this was the real thing! I walk into the closet to change but before I can put on my labor attire… "Babe!!!” My husband rushes in to find me on all fours, rocking myself back and forth and breathing deeply. I feel his hands apply pressure to my lower back and hips as he rocks with me through the pain. The pressure helps relieve some of the pain so that I can breathe easy. (I was overjoyed that he remembered the techniques from our doula!)

5:45pm - Sergio calls the midwife and the doula. The birth team is on their way! As soon as he hung up the phone, I yell out, “BAABBBEE!!!! PRESSURE! More pressure, please!” He runs over.

6:35pm - Angela and Tracey walk in with the midwife and the birth assistant. “They’re here,” Angela says. I look up from the ground and reply, “Oh, thank God!” I put my head back down as another contraction hits me.

As I’m swaying back and forth, my midwife uses her doppler to listen to the baby’s heart rate. The birth assistant begins to calmly affirm me and remind me to let each contraction go with every deep breath. As the contractions come one after another, I focus on her voice and give in to the pain with every deep breath. I say to myself, My body was made to do this and I trust the process. My body was made to do this and I trust the process…

Meanwhile, my husband fills the jacuzzi tub with warm water.

7pm - "Will the water help me with the pain?" I ask. My midwife responds, “It can. If you want to get in, we will help you get there. Just let us know what you want to do.” I nod and say, “I’m going to try and get in.” They help me walk over to the bathroom, remove my attire, and get me in safely. My doula also arrives!

As soon as my lower half is in the water, a contraction shakes my entire body and my abdominal muscles begin to push on their own. “My body is pushing!! What do I do?!” I frantically ask the midwife. She calmly responds, “Whatever you are feeling. If you feel the urge to push, then push. If not, don’t push. Listen to your body.”

So I helped my body push! As soon as Nadae’s head began to crown, the urges to push cease. I stay there in the water for a couple minutes recuperating my strength. I can feel as her head slowly slides down on its own. I am amazed at how my body knows exactly what to do and when to do it!

I reach down to touch my baby’s full head of hair and smile! Another contraction arises and I push again. Out comes Nadae’s head! A couple minutes later, another contraction gets the job done! At 7:17pm Nadae Chavez was in my arms!

Everything after that was a whirlwind of excitement! I held the baby for some time in the water and delivered the placenta. Then, the birth team helped me out of the water and into my bed. I was dried off and my bed was prepared so the birth team could exam me and the baby. All exams turned out well! Nadae weighed 5 lbs 15 oz. My husband and I were in love with her! 

After about 30 minutes, my husband cut the umbilical cord! It was an ivory white color so we knew that Nadae had gotten all her blood supply from the placenta. Family and friends briefly stopped by (who had seen me just a few hours before at the event!). My sister heated up my mother’s soup so that we could all eat a good home cooked meal, and my doula made sure I was drinking plenty of water!

The birth team stayed for about 2.5 hours, cleaned up, and ensured me, baby, and Sergio were in bed, lights out, and ready to get some rest. 

Words cannot express how grateful I am to have been able to go through this experience! The care my birth team provided and the freedom to be in the comfort of my own home was more than I could ask for. We had the liberty of having family and friends share this experience with us, fill our fridge with tons of food, lay back and laugh with us, and the list goes on. My favorite part of all was sleeping in my own bed with my husband and Nadae, and knowing that no one was going to walk in and out of our room at all hours of the night. *Sigh of relief*



Tomorrow on the blog, I’m sharing my least favorite part about pregnancy and how I’m dealing with my firstborn.