Baby Vogue: Good Bye Fall

Is it just me, or is everything in the baby clothes isles so much more enticing than grown-up attire?! I'll admit, every time I walk into the store now, I have to stop by the children's section - just to look, of course - and walk out with items for Kalea and nothing for myself. Shopping for her has become so much more fun than shopping for myself! 

Now that she's one year old, she's developing an affinity for certain textures and styles. I've also noticed that she loves to copy mommy, which is just the cutest thing! So, on our last trip to Target, I let her pick out her own tops. To no surprise, she pointed to a sweater similar to the one she had just pulled out of my closet earlier that morning. 

Hubby took the cutest pics of her in her new outfit and my heart just melted :) I mean, come on! This is baby vogue all the way!! 

Links to attire are below. Enjoy :)!!! 

Top: Faux fur sweater from Target

Pants: Velvet leggings from Target

Shoes: Oshkosh Baby