Block Out the Noise: "The Melody Shoe"

“Oh my god, what is that awful noise!?” a customer asked as he walked into the music store.

The cashier looked up and responded, “A young boy in the back playing the piano. He's been coming in everyday the past two weeks to practice.”

“Well, someone needs to tell him he's disturbing the peace in here,” the customer commented sarcastically.

“Oh, trust me. We've tried!”

The customer walked to the back of the store where the young boy was playing the piano. He said, “Son, do you hear how awful that sounds?”

The young boy smiled at him and kept playing.

“Maybe you should try another instrument, like a harmonica.”

The boy let out a short laugh and kept playing.

“Ok, do you want the truth?” the customer asked.

The boy smiled at him.

“You sound awful on the piano."

The boy laughed and kept playing.

The customer looked at him awkwardly and walked away. He told the cashier, “I’ve never seen someone so happy after you tell them they suck at something.”

The cashier laughed. “He wouldn’t know. He’s deaf.”

It’s so easy for us to get distracted by all the loud and negative noise around us. At some point in our lives, we’ve been in situations where we’re trying to focus on something - whether it’s an assignment, making a career move, launching a business, starting to save, etc. - and every possible distraction seems to pop up out of nowhere to keep us from staying focused. Those distractions can come in various forms: nay-sayers, toxic relationships, stressful work environments, addictive habits, and the list goes on!

When you’re aiming to accomplish a goal, “tuning out” all the negativity that keeps you from moving forward can be the hardest thing to do because, as humans, we seek approval from others. When we don’t have “the majority” in our corner, we tend to feel a bit intimidated or inadequate.

But it’s during these times that we need to rise above the negative noise and cheer ourselves on. This isn’t the time to hide. On the contrary, it’s the best time to step out and surround ourselves with people that will keep us accountable and help to cheer us on! It’s during these times that you should have a wall of sticky notes with affirmations to read out loud every time you feel like giving up. It’s during these times that you should delve more into your passions, refocus on your goals, and build the strength to press forward.

So from now on, don’t let distractions keep you tied up. Put on some headphones (literally), "vibe out" to positivity, and keep it moving!