Celebrations: A Tropical Theme Inspired Party & Maternity Shoot

Celebrations are a major part of my childhood memories. If there was one thing my mother knew how to do well it was to put on a beautiful party and bring people together. My mother endured poverty as a child and emotional and physical abuse in a dysfunctional marriage. As the oldest daughter, I saw her cry and mask her pain more than I saw her smile. So, whenever she had the opportunity to celebrate someone she loved - especially her daughters - she gave her all with the biggest smile on her face. There was nothing that brought her more joy.

To this day, I carry her celebratory gene! Both of my daughters had birthdays in August, and family and friends wanted to know if I wanted a baby shower for Naviyah (not again, right?!). While my plate was loaded with ministry and work assignments, the mother in me couldn’t let an occasion for celebrating pass by. So, I did what any mother with limited time and on a budget would do. Yup - you guessed right! I planned one party to celebrate everyone!

It was already September so I set a date and planned the party in 7 days (procrastination for party planning seems to be my gift - haha). I chose a tropical theme to say our last goodbye to summer.

Invitation designed and made by me!

Invitation designed and made by me!

We opted for hosting the party at Busy Bees because it was where we celebrated Kalea’s 1st birthday :) I promised my husband something small, intimate, and simple (it was the only way he agreed to have the party due to my pregnancy). We kept the decorations simple, easy to set up, and colorful! I purchased these inflatables on Amazon and the table settings at Target. For treats, we scratched the cake and went for cupcakes, rice krispies, and madeleines. Ariana of Ari’s Sweets did not disappoint with the desserts!

Kalea and Nadae had a great time playing with friends and eating sweet treats! Naviyah also got all her newborn essentials, thanks to friends and family (and tons of sister hand-me-downs)!!

Earlier that day, we did a maternity shoot in our neighborhood. Bianca exceeded my expectations with a flawless, natural makeup look! Our photographer, Mikhail, did a wonderful job capturing these last super pregnant moments. Little did we know that our baby girl would be with us a week later!

And the dress!!! This BCBG beauty has been hanging in my closet since the winter of 2015. I bought it on sale for $19 at Nordstrom and was waiting for the perfect occasion to wear it. On this day, the tag finally came off!