Christmas Ready!

Christmas is my favorite holiday of the year! It's also baby Kalea's 1st Christmas, which makes it even more special for my hubby and I! I had so much fun shopping, snagging deals, and decorating the house. Here's a look at my Christmas inspiration! 

Our living room has a very luxe-elegant style. I have a lot of dark and light contrast with metallics. I decided to keep the same palette for our decorations, and added santa dolls, props, and candles to bring out some more character for the season!

My mother always taught me to treat my guests like royalty. So, it's important to me for guests to have an experience in my home - including the powder room! Damask prints and ocean hues make this room feel like home!

Attention to detail in the smallest elements can make a big difference in a room! I mixed up subtle patterns with wrapping paper and ribbon to place under the Christmas tree. I also added dim lights in our staircase and around the room to set a relaxing ambience.  

I love decorating simple spaces with eye-catching elements! Our dining and family area is very neutral, so the pop of red in the Santa Doll and the Ralph Lauren throw pillows really add some charisma to the room!

Hope you enjoyed a little inspiration heaven :)


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