Enough is Enough, Just Do It: "The Joan Shoe"

“Sis, what do you think about me cutting my hair?” I asked my sister.

She looks up and rolls her eyes. We’ve had this conversation plenty of times. “That’s up to you. If you want to cut it, then do it,” she responds carelessly.

“I want to, but I don’t know. What if I don’t like it?”

“Then don’t do it, Fran.”

“Ok, but what if this is a great opportunity for me to finally just let my hair grow out naturally?”

“It would be a good idea for you to make that transition if you’re going to cut your hair.”

“But what if it doesn’t look good?”

“FRAN! Really?! You’re going to look fine. If you don’t like, then live with it for a little while. It’s just hair. It’ll grow back.” I can tell my sister is irritated at this point, but I just can’t seem to come around to convincing myself to cut my hair.

I begin to devise a plan and say, “Ok, here’s what I’ll do. I think I’m going to try just trimming the--”

My sister abruptly interrupts. “Fran, enough! Just do it!”

You know those moments when you know you want to do something, but something holds you back? Oftentimes it’s fear. The fear of what others might say or think; the fear of regretting your decisions; or the fear of being inadequate to fulfill your mission. Due to our fear of X, we stay in our comfortable bubble where it’s “safe.” Now, I ask you, how many things on your “to-do” list have been put on hold because of fear? How long will you continue to put things off because of fear?

I’ve had numerous conversations with individuals over the past months who know they have more to give and do in life, but “the timing isn’t right.” Let me give it to you straight: What if timing isn’t the issue? What if time is waiting on you? So many of us have delayed our callings, our purpose, and our life goals because we are waiting on the right moment to hit us. We’re somehow hoping that everything will work out on it’s own. But we’re wrong.

Some of the greatest leaders and people in our lives that we admire today didn’t wait for the timing to be right. They had enough of their situations and decided to do something about them. These individuals created the "right moment" to get the job done. 

When I chat with friends who are stuck in the same place and can’t move on, I tell them, “You're too comfortable. When you’re sick and tired of being sick and tired, you’ll do something about it.”

This year, I encourage you to have a go-getter attitude. Don’t let fear get in the way of your progress, your purpose, and your persistence. Go after everything you know is yours wholeheartedly and stay committed to your mission. This year, step out of your comfort zone, look fear in the face and say, “Enough is enough. I’m doing it!”