I Feel Used: "The Digna Shoe"

“What’s wrong, Fran?” she asks. I let out a deep sigh and shake my head in frustration.

“The event is starting in 20 minutes and the tables aren’t ready,” I say in a low voice. It’s my first event as lead coordinator and I feel like I’m letting her down already.

She looks around and begins to wave down some of the volunteers standing around. “Hey! Come here guys, come on!”

I grab her arm and whisper anxiously, “What are you doing?”

She turns to me and says with a rooted confidence, “You need help, so I’m recruiting help.” She looks down at my hands and grabs my setup diagram. “Let me see that.” She glances at it for what seems to be 5 seconds and begins to command the room. I watch in awe as the tables are arranged in no time.

She walks over and hands me back the diagram. “You see that?” she asks, pointing at the room. “That’s called delegating. A quality you still need to master.”

I look down in disappointment for a few seconds. As I’m getting ready to walk away, I turn to her and say, “You make it look so easy.”

She lets out a bold laugh and responds, “Honey, that’s just talent with a whole lot of practice!”

We all have talent. You know, those abilities that you make look so easy, yet when someone else tries it, they can’t do it half as well as you do! For example, some people can whip up finger-licking meals with anything in their fridge, while others are so bad at cooking they burn the water (get it?).

Being talented is one thing, but actually putting your talents to use is another. Have you ever met someone who has so much potential, yet they are doing absolutely nothing with it? Sound like anyone you know? Hmm...perhaps even you?

What you are able to bring to the table may have the potential of adding value; however, your ability is worthless if it does not produce anything.

Value is measured by performance. If you can perform, then you add value to the company, or the school, or the board, or the organization, or the marriage, or the relationship. But here is the hard part - and usually the part we don’t want to hear. In order for us to perform, we must be used. Our value derives from our ability to be used. And not just once, but to be used over and over and over again, and still perform at the level (if not higher) that is expected of us.

Here’s another truth: your talents are meant for others to benefit. Think of all the things you do on a day to day that require you benefitting from someone else. Like, the fact that you’re reading this on your phone or a computer. Someone used their talent to make a vision come to life, and now, you hold a gadget that you can’t imagine living without. The moral of the story is that you have the power to change someone’s world if you allow your talents to be used.

So I ask you: What talents (abilities) have you been sitting on that have the potential of adding value to your life and the lives of others? What abilities have you been gifted with that could help you start your business and meet a need? What vision do you have for your career, your marriage, or your relationships that could be taken to the next level if you just activated your talents?

Years from now when we look back at your life, what story will we tell? Will we mourn the loss of someone who never got to fulfill their dreams? Or will we celebrate the impact you left behind by serving others with your abilities? The choice is yours!

Each post is named after a fictitious pair of shoes. “Digna” means worth.