It Takes a Village - Especially on Sundays

You’ve heard the saying: It takes a village to raise a child. Well, let me tell you. There have never been truer words spoken!

Here’s a synopsis of what my past Sunday looked like before our church gathering began.

8am - Got up to pray, brush my teeth, shower up, and apply my makeup.

8:30am - Kalea is up. Dad takes her to use the potty, she brushes her teeth, and has her milk. Dad takes his laptop to her room so she can play with her puzzles while he reviews his notes.

9am - Nadae wakes up to feed, then I give her a bath and get her dressed.

9:30am - I do a final review of the presentation for the gathering and download it to my laptop.

10am - Dad hands Kalea off to me so he can pack the cars with decor and equipment. Meanwhile, I take Kalea downstairs for breakfast.

10:30am - While Nadae naps, I get Kalea ready and do her hair. I let her play with empty shoe boxes and makeup brushes. Once she’s bored, I give her the iPad.

11am - I wake Nadae for another feeding and diaper change. Then I rush to throw my clothes on while my husband takes my diaper bag and Kalea downstairs to the car.

11:20am - I run down with Nadae, strap everyone in, kiss Dad goodbye, and I’m off to pick up my friend who will help me watch Kalea during today’s service.

If you got overwhelmed reading that, or started reading it and skipped the timeline, then you can begin to imagine how hectic a ministry household can be! It has taken my husband and I a lot of time to develop a system that works for us, but, even so, from time to time if things aren’t going as planned, we have to pray for A LOT of patience to get through the morning. Not to mention, what may await us the rest of the day.

One of the things I’m truly grateful for - especially during this season of my life - is my tribe. I’m referring to all the people that I’ve been able to count on to help me stay sane while I care for my two baby girls. There are days when I feel like I’m just going to lose it and punch my head through a wall! It’s on those days that I am thankful for the tribe that steps in, even if I don’t ask for help.

There were two major moments for me this past Sunday when I realized how important it is for moms to connect with a good support system. The first was when Kalea refused to go to Children’s Church. So, I took her out to try and talk to her. As she started to throw her tantrum, I had to muster all the strength within me not to yell at her, and my friend could see it all over my face. She said with so much patience, “OK, Kalea! Come on! Let’s leave mommy and go get a snack and some juice. Do you want some juice?” She picked her up and took her away so that I could cool off. I was so thankful in that moment that someone was there to give my daughter the patience she needed, because mommy’s patience tank was running on empty!

But it didn’t end there! After a great gathering, I dropped my friend off and thanked her for all her help. On the way to and from the drop off, Kalea and Nadae were crying. I called my husband and told him I needed him to be downstairs to take the girls when I arrived. I knew by his quick, “Ok, I got you” response that he already knew I was having a very hard time. As soon as I pulled up, I saw him come out, followed by best friends calling out, “We got you!” One person took Kalea, another took Nadae, another took my bags, and they all marched back into the house. I drove around the neighborhood to clear my head and finally parked the car. As I took a deep breath, I threw my head back against the driver seat and said, “Thank you, Lord!”

The weekends are the hardest for me because they do require a fully thought out, planned day with an extra large dose of patience and love. Of course, everything doesn’t always go as planned and hubby and I find ourselves having to make a lot of last minute alterations to our plans. But we’ve both found that when we have some sort of plan going into the weekend and have thought through the possible scenarios (a day full of laughs or a day full of tears and tantrums), then we can at least mentally prepare ourselves for whatever comes.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again - parenting is a journey FULL of adventure. You never know what you’ll be hit with next. As much as you prepare, there will be off days. It’s on those days that you’ve got to pick up the phone and call in your tribe! Or, if you’re planning out the day, and you can already foresee it being a disaster, that’s another cue to call your tribe!

THANK YOU to my family, my husband’s family, my best friends, and my church family that have helped me through this parenting journey so far!!!

What stories do you have that remind you about your wonderful tribe??