Kalea Turns 2!

A week before Kalea's birthday, I had my first meltdown! I stumbled upon the face recognition folder on my iPhone. Little did I know that the iPhone created movies with those photos. So, I clicked on the movie selection for Kalea. Words can't describe all the feelings I lived as I watched two years of her life compressed into 2 minutes. I was a mess of snot, tears, and a million emotions! I couldn't believe how fast time had gone by and the last thing I wanted was to miss a moment with Kalea because I was "too busy" to be present. Watching the video reminded me that every aspect of her childhood was time we would never get back. So, despite the tired days and chaos that comes with a newborn, I decided that Kalea was going to have a 2nd birthday celebration because she would never be two again! And just like that, I started planning. 

My husband and I decided to keep it very intimate, yet full of fun, surprises, and chic elegance, just like our sweet little girl!

Kalea loves Elmo (what child doesn't at 2 years old)! But I didn't like the idea of a Sesame Street theme party. I wanted a girly theme, so I incorporated different shades of pink with hints of Sesame Street sprinkled throughout. It also happened to be a perfect day to take some family photos, so we did that before the birthday party began :) Kalea had loads of fun at her celebration and didn't want the party to end!!!


I made the pink balloon semi arc with hanging leaves as the backdrop. I also created floral arrangements with blushes and whites, added pink beanbags, and plush pillows to bring out some elegance!


This party was for her after all, so we got some of her favorite dishes: grilled cheese, chicken meatballs, and pizza! For drinks, we mixed her favorite: lemonade with watermelon. We added strawberries and sparkling apple cider for a twist. For dessert, I bought a home cotton candy machine so we could have fun with our guests and enjoy KC's favorite carnival treat!


I ordered regular cupcakes with Elmo faces on them. We also got a bigger cupcake for Kalea to enjoy!


I used the gifts area as the perfect place to add Sesame Street touches with oversized theme gift bags! We also had Sesame Street toy figures on her cake table, but she took those as soon as she saw them - haha!


The day couldn't go by without some family loving!

Thank you to Mikhail Jathan for capturing these beautiful moments!