Live the Moment

We live in a world where technology consumes us. Aside from all the other things that keep us away from spending quality time with our family, like work, engagements, and hobbies, we default our idle time to TV or social media rather than being present with our kids.

While I appreciate technology and all the things it allows us to do, I've found that it's easy to slip into a habit of “capturing” moments with the hopes that we can replay the moments for ourselves and others. The issue with this is that we miss out on actually living and participating in the moment. For example, when I noticed Kalea started sitting up straight, my first instinct was to grab my phone and record it. Then it hit me: If I record this moment, I will miss out on actually experiencing it. I immediately put the phone down and began to cheer her on! We laughed together, I made faces as her upper body wobbled in place, and she gave me the “why are you laughing” look every time she fell over. I fully lived the moment with her and I wouldn't trade that for a camera recording any day! Now, I can record her sitting up to share the experience with family and friends without feeling like I missed the experience with my baby girl.

It's incredible to know that Kalea wants and needs me. I'm her favorite person (don't tell my husband ;)) and every time she sees me, her face lights up with a smile and a giggle. When she's upset or crying, she seeks me out and feels secure in my embrace. These moments with our kids are ones we should cherish wholeheartedly because we never get them back.

As hard as it is right now raising an infant while having a full time job, starting a church, launching a business, and being a wife, I’ve committed this year to being fully present in the moments I share with my daughter.

To all my moms out there who are already fully devoted to being present, THANK YOU! You're the ones who tell heartfelt stories about your children and pass them on to the next generation.

To moms who know you could step it up a bit more in this area, I encourage you to. Let's do it together! Commit to putting the phone down more, turning off the TV more, and fully enjoying and engaging in the moments you share with your kids. After all, they’re only young once!

Speaking of sharing moments, I just had to feature snippets of my heart in this post (obviously!). She's already my little model :)