MOM: The Real MVP

Real talk, y'all, being a mother is no joke. It's hard, it's time consuming, it's overwhelming, it's amazing, and it's empowering! This past week, I realized that moms aren't called superwoman for nothing. There is so much on our plate, yet, somehow, we get it done and still find the energy to give love to those around us. 

As I was preparing my home for the holidays and crashing out of exhaustion each night, I couldn't help but to think about my mother: a single mom raising three little girls without family around to help her. I was 2.5 years old when my mother had my twin sisters. And when she came home from the hospital, my father had gone and she was left to take care of newborn twins and a toddler...alone. Within weeks of her c-section, she was working 12+ hours a day because she had no other option of putting food on our table. We always had clothes on our backs, shoes on our feet, food in our bellies, and lacked nothing, even while living below the poverty line. As we grew up, she somehow managed to attend every parent-teacher meeting, sports games, and talent shows. She took us to school every morning and picked us up in the afternoons (and dragged us to work with her!). She made sure our homework was done, that we had tutors to assist us with the necessary subjects, and that we weren't bringing home grades below a B+.  My sisters and I all graduated college with honors and went on to build our careers. 

Till this day, I don't know how she did it...All I know is that I am beyond grateful that she never gave up!

So, yes, being a mother is super, super, super (times infinity!!!) hard, but the drive and ability we have to accomplish all we do as mothers is beyond amazing! I want to applaud every mother out there who is doing her best to raise her children. 

To all my single mothers - Don't give up! Keep striving to give your kids the best you can, even when it seems impossible. You are so strong, so courageous, and so amazing!

To all my partnered mothers - Keep up the good work, and appreciate the help you have when it's around. You are already so extraordinary!

To all my mothers with an empty nest - Never stop being "mom." As long as you have breath, reach out, love, correct, and be present. You are our heroines and we look up to you!

To every single mother - You are important, you are needed, you are are the world's real MVP. Thank you for all you do!!!