My Quick Styling Go-To's

One of the things I've had to get better at over the last couple of years is quickly getting ready! With a daughter to tend to and a second one on the way, I've adopted some go-to's that have worked well for me. As a pregnant mommy, comfort is a priority, but often times mom's feel they have to compromise style to be comfortable. That is not true at all! Read on while I share some of my tricks and ways to still wear items in your closet as your belly grows!

HAIR: under 5 minutes


My natural hair texture has a lot of curl shrinkage and can often take longer than I'd like to style. So headscarves have become my new best friend! You can use any scarf in your closet (as long as it's not super thick). There's a ton of youtube tutorials on how to tie head scarves, but if y'all want me to create a video for this look, let me know by commenting below :)!!!

Combing and accentuating your baby hairs will also add a fresh and cute look! I use Cantu's Extra Hold Gel to comb mine out a bit and back the way I want. Do this before putting on the head scarf.

Put on your favorite fun pair of earrings to complete the look!

OUTFIT: long tees and unbuttoned jeans

I must confess, I only own one pair of maternity jeans...and I HATE them! As a curvy woman with thick legs, the jeans constantly fall down, don't fit my thighs, and the list goes on. I refuse to ever buy another pair. So, I use my regular, stretchy, low waist jeans and don't button them! Instead, I use a hair tie - I loop one end through the button hole and pull both ends over the button. This keeps the flaps from awkwardly showing through my shirts and also gives me enough breathing room around my lower abdomen. It has been the perfect solution!

Because my jeans aren't fully buttoned, I have to wear them with long tees. Maternity tees work well or just long tees a size up to grow with the belly. Oversized tees are also trending, so having bigger, long tees postpartum is a closet staple item anyway ;)


SHOES: wedges for days

I'm a shorty so I love a little extra height as my belly grows. Heels are a no-no during third trimester, but wedges are a must! They are the perfect combination of support, height, and style for a dressed up or dressed down look. A pair or 2 of neutrals is always good to have available. 


What are your favorite go-to's?? Feel free to comment and share below!