Pushed Over the Edge - "The Cliffton Shoe"

My heart beats faster with every word coming out of his mouth as he paces my office.

“Are you an idiot?! Do you honestly not know how to complete a simple task?!”

My jaw drops and I’m speechless. Did he really just call me an idiot?! Not even my mother has ever uttered those words to me!

“I can’t believe how stupid you must be. This is ridiculous!”

I finally come to my senses and respond, “Lucas, when you’re ready to talk to me with some respect, you can come back into my office!” My face is steaming up as I point to my door.

He storms out and slams the door shut behind him so hard that the picture frames on my desk fall over.

I let out a gasp of air and shake my head in disbelief. I immediately open my email and begin to type out my resignation notice…

I cry the entire car ride home. As soon as I walk through the door, Sergio walks over to hold me as I’m shaking with anxiety. I feel disgusted, disrespected, and worthless. As he sits me down on the couch, he holds my hands. “Hey,” he begins. “Babe, look at me.”

He knows my anxiety is getting the best of me. He holds my shoulders and begins to coach me through my breathing. He holds my chin up and says, “Hey...we’re going to get through this. We’ll downsize our place; I’ll take the offer at work; we’ll figure this out together. I promise you, we’ll be OK…”

He was right. We ended up being more than OK, actually! I fully stepped into my life’s calling after that day. But it took a traumatic incident to push me over the edge into making a decision that would soon after lead me to achieve some of my biggest dreams.

Have you ever been in a suffocating situation? Every time you get around it, it dictates your mood, ruins your day, and drains the life out of you? Yup, I know exactly how you feel - I’ve been there, done that!

Over the years, I’ve learned that challenges we face in life are not meant to break us, but to bend us in the right direction. Maybe you’ve dreamed of becoming a homeowner, or starting your business, or joining a team. Whatever that dream is, let’s be honest, from time to time it feels unattainable. During those episodes, you ask yourself whether this is the point in your journey when you should give up. And for a moment, you do. And then a moment turns into weeks, months, years, and time goes by while your dream is sitting on a shelf collecting dust.

The life we are given is so beautiful and so well orchestrated that even when we forget about our dreams, they don’t forget about us. So, sometimes, life has to push us over the edge just enough to get us into a position where we’re forced to face our dreams once again. For some of you, that was losing a job. For others, that was being denied a loan. For others, it was losing a loved one too soon, or even meeting someone you can’t possibly believe loves you the way they do.

Whatever your situation may be right now, be grateful for the major life events that bend you to look in the right direction. Yes, they are painful in the moment because we can’t see past the hurt we may be experiencing. However, if you take a minute to think about some of the most amazing chances you ever took in life, weren’t most of them the result of life pushing you to the edge?

Your next big opportunity is being orchestrated right now and life’s circumstances are pushing you closer to it. Don’t be afraid to look over the cliff - something greater awaits you after your pushed over the edge.

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Every post is named after a pair of shoes. Cliffton represents the cliff on which we find ourselves pushed over the edge.