Sex After {Vaginal Delivery} Baby

I didn't realize how misinformed I had been growing up about sex post-baby! So I feel like I owe it to anyone out there wondering to know the real deal. I'm spilling the beans! I can only talk about this subject based on my personal experience and the experiences of gal pals who had their first babies and shared some insight.

I have to start off by saying that I was able to have a vaginal delivery without an episiotomy. So, you would think that I would be fine getting back in the sex wagon as soon as possible...


If it were up to me, I probably would have waited a long while before sex again. But poor hubby! So once I was cleared for sex at 6 weeks, there I was, staring at lingerie and trying to think of a million reasons why this would be a bad idea! Here’s the truth for many women I’ve talked to…

  1. You’re scarred out of your mind! Even after I was cleared to have sex at 6 weeks, I still didn’t feel ready. As a matter of fact, research has found that most women report not feeling ready until about 6 months. The truth is we’re scared and scarred! After you’ve been in labor and experienced the pain (during or after meds wear off) of vaginal delivery, the last thing you want to think about is sex.
  2. What does it look like down there? Am I the only one who refused to look down there in the mirror for weeks?! For some reason I was terrified of seeing a deformed vagina. All the parts felt the same, but something about the thought of delivery made me never want to look - not even a peek! (Come to find out weeks later, everything looked completely normal).
  3. Ouch! This feels like my first time! Contrary to the “your vagina is going to become so stretched and loose” myth, it feels like your first time - if not worse. The female body is so amazing that your vaginal muscles (pelvic floor muscles) contract right back to the way they were (contraction exercises help too)! It’s as if a human being never came out of you!
  4. Things seem to shift down there... Yes, I know this sounds weird, but nerve endings do feel like they shifted. The sensory spots that used to tickle you seem to be in different places now. For some women, orgasms become more intense after childbirth. It’s as if new nerve endings come to life! Others who’ve had tears, episiotomies, and difficult deliveries may have lost some nerve endings, which makes orgasms feel, well, different.
  5. It takes longer to naturally lubricate. Yup, many first-time-sex-after-baby moms have to use lubricant to ease into sex because the natural vaginal lubricant seems to just slow down for a while, especially if you're breastfeeding. Speaking of breastfeeding...
  6. Is that milk?! This is the most hilarious thing, but if you’re a breastfeeding mom you can relate! Right when you’re getting aroused, your milk flow begins to release. While it may seem embarrassing for women, some men find this to be a turn on! Hey, whatever floats your boat!

Feel free to comment below about your experience, myth busters, or if you relate to any of these! Again, this is not the experience of all first time moms, but many can relate. 

I hope you enjoyed the read :)