TIME's up!: "The Ocasio Shoe"

“I’m so frustrated,” Monica complains to me. “I’ve been trying to get this business going for years, but every time I start, something else comes up that takes my time away.”

I’m holding back the urge to wrap my hands around her neck and shake her violently. “Monica, it’s the same story every time. I don’t know what else to say.”

“I just feel like...like I don’t have time.” As soon as she says that, I snap. “You don’t have time, really?! How important is this business to you, Monica? Is this something you really want?”

“Yes! You know it is!” she affirms me.

“Then MAKE this a priority of your time.”

“I would if I could add more hours to my day.”

I sternly comment, “No, you don’t need more hours. You need to take the same 24 hours that everyone else has and prioritize your time. If this is that important to you, you will find time.”

Let’s be honest here. We’ve all felt like Monica at one point, wishing we had “more time” or “more hours” in our day to do all the things our hearts desire. We feel there’s so much going on already and time just doesn’t seem to be on our side. But isn’t it ironic? We all get a fair and equal 24 hours each day and, yet, time has somehow become our enemy…

The truth is that many of us are horrible at managing our time and a lot of it is due to the fact that we don’t have our priorities straight. Yes, I said it (someone had to!). We like to use time as an excuse for not getting something done, when in reality, we just don't manage our time wisely and our priorities aren’t defined.

So, here's my advice: This week, take some time to write down what things/goals are important to you in life and order them by priority. Then, create a schedule for yourself. Find time in your week to dedicate to things that are top priority - even if that means cutting back time from other things that are taking you away from those priorities. Whether it’s family, a project, marriage, a career path, a business, etc, not having enough time shouldn’t be an excuse. Time is not your enemy. Time is the one thing that will cause you to take a step back, analyze your life, and set your priorities straight. Without it, priorities won’t take precedent in our lives. So use your time wisely; invest in the things that matter most to you. Because the one thing you won’t get back is time.

Each post is named after a pair of shoes. This post is named Ocasio meaning "time."