Top 10 Pregnancy Perks and Top 5 Pregnancy Crazies

Lately, I've been having baby fever! Going through old pictures and videos of my pregnancy days is making me miss my preggo belly! While pregnancy may be tough on the female body, it also has its perks. So, I thought I'd share some of the best perks of being pregnant, and also a few of the crazy oddities. Here we go!

Top 10 Pregnancy Perks

1. Not having to suck in after stuffing yourself with a bangin’ meal!

This was my favorite - haha! Everyone else had to watch how their clothes fit after a meal. Not me! My belly was my prized possession!

2. Long nails for days.

People would stop to ask me where I got my nails done and they were shocked when I’d tell them they were my real nails. The joys of prenatal vitamins :)

3. Do you want my seat? 

Whenever I metro-ed to work, I didn’t have to worry about the packed trains during rush hour. Someone always offered their seat when they saw my belly. And if they didn't, my "do you not see I'm pregnant" stare would get someone to stand up.  

4. Sex means I'm in control!

Once the belly started to get in the way, I dictated the rules under the covers and called all the shots ;)

5. Stop, I'll get that for you! 

Heavy (and light) lifting were not allowed. Literally, I would bend over to pick something up and someone was already rushing over to do it for me. In the beginning, I was a bit offended because I didn’t want to seem like a lazy mom-to-be who couldn’t carry her groceries. But once the third trimester hit, I was looking around to see who would come help before I tried to do anything on my own.

6. It's the hormones, babe.

My crying outbursts and mood swings were tolerated. If I snapped during a conversation with my husband or cried after every episode of Scandal, it was all blamed on the hormones.

7. Massages, yes, please!

My husband can tell you I love - and I mean LOVE - massages. So pregnancy was the perfect excuse to get my back and feet rubbed every day. Hehe!

8. The world seems to slow down for you.

I don't know if it was the fact that I was doing less and relaxing more, but I felt like my days were longer. I was able to live in every moment and appreciate the people and things around me a little more than before. 

9. Where do you want to eat?

Friends let you choose where you go out to eat. Whether it was two of us or ten of us, everyone looked to me to choose the restaurant or take out place.

10. I got you something!

Gifts are my love language, so I will never turn them down. From time to time, when my husband and I did some window shopping, he would ask if there was anything I wanted. Umm, yes! Card, please?!

Top 5 Pregnancy Crazies

1. Itchy!  

I dreaded (and I’m being serious, dreaded doesn’t even come close to it) taking a shower during my 1st and 2nd trimesters because right after getting out my entire body was itching to the point it burned. There were days I cried from how bad my entire body itched and I couldn’t scratch fast enough to feel relief. Ugh, it was the worst!!!

2. Is that my hair?

For most women, pregnancy produces hair growth. For me, that was the opposite. I experienced hair loss (even though my friends think I’m crazy for thinking it’s true). On the positive side, it started growing like crazy after pregnancy! Weird, huh?!

3. Lemons, please!

Don’t laugh at me, but I had the strangest cravings. I ate lemons upon lemons upon lemons every day! And to top it off, the one place I hated to eat from - Chipotle - all of a sudden became my favorite dinner.

4. The Duck Walk.

This is a real thing! During the last few weeks of pregnancy, I noticed I was no longer walking; I was waddling.

5. Sorry, I'm not sorry.

I had no time for drama and lame excuses. If you know me, you’re well aware that I give people the benefit of the doubt 150% of the time and I'm always willing to hear out a situation to give clear advice. That all changed during pregnancy. If someone called me with drama, a complaint, or had an excuse for not getting something done, I had no time for it. I was quick to call anyone out on their crap and also didn’t give two cents about unnecessary drama. It was a waste of my time and energy.

If you're a mommy, can you relate to any of the above? What were your perks and strange experiences?! I'm curious to know, so please share below!


Photo credit: Hannah Bjorndal