Trusting Every Season

Have you ever felt like giving up on what you envisioned for your life because things began to get in the way? Whether you’re now a parent, married, working full time, or don’t have the resources, it’s easy to feel like somewhere along the way you lost your dream when life got in the way.

Ever since I was a young girl, I’ve had a strong sense of what my calling is. I’ve had a picture in my mind for decades of what I would be doing and it’s that strong conviction that there is more for me that continues to fuel me in giving my all to what I do. However, lately, I have found myself feeling frustrated because my idea of what my purpose is and my current reality don’t seem to line up. There’s a battle of the wills raging within me. A part of me wants to hit the ground running after everything I’ve ever wanted because I see opened doors of opportunity before me. Another part tells me to be still and present in the tasks of motherhood and wifehood that are currently in front of me.

You may be like me in that you used the end of 2018 to assess and gut-check a lot of what you’ve been doing and whether it makes sense to keep going. I’ve questioned continuing this blog, stepping down from ministry roles, pursuing a career path, and the list goes on. It wasn’t until earlier this week that I settled my mind.

Through this process I am learning to trust the season God has me in, and to be grateful. While there are many gifts and desires within us, there are seasons where God calls us to operate in one thing for a period of time, and then He may shift us to focus on something else. No matter what the process entails, His grace is sufficient for us to get through it.

Often, our expectations of what our reality should look like get in the way of us seeing this season as God’s setup for us to prosper in the future He’s planned for us. Because of the plans we created, we think, “I should be married by now,” “I should have launched the business by now,” “My ministry should have grown by now,” “I should have my house by now,” “I should have graduated by now,” etc. May I propose a different perspective? The season you are in is the growth opportunity you need to sustain your next season. Grounding your identity in God will assure you don’t lose yourself in the next relationship like you did in your first. Working for someone else will teach you structure and organization for the launch and growth of your own business. Giving your best to the few that attend your church or the task you’re given will assure you have the right heart for bigger leadership capacity later. Being responsible and grateful with your current living situation will prepare you to honor and take care of your own home one day. Investing your time and best effort in your education will allow you to appreciate the job opportunities that open up afterwards. And the list goes on!

We must trust that God knows our end from the beginning (Isaiah 46:9-10) and that this season is the right one for us right now. Worrying about what should be isn’t going to speed up God’s process. But we can stand firm on His promise, that His plan for us is to prosper us and never to harm us (Jeremiah 29:11).  

So, my daily prayers have turned from, “God, I need…” into, “God, I’m here. Not my will, but Yours. I trust that Your plan is what is best for me.”

Are you spending time worrying about what should or could be, or are you truly trusting God’s plan for you in this season and being grateful?