Winter Faves (for a mom!)

Style alert: I do not claim to be a fashion expert whatsoever. I'm just a huge fan of style, comfort, and individuality. I believe that everyone is unique in their own way, and fashion is an outlet to express that. My favorite times of the year are the cold months because fashion statements are everywhere. The most ordinary people throw on accessories to bundle up, and without even knowing it, they're putting on a fashion show of patterns, colors, and layers. It's amazing!

My aim is to provide you with some insight to create your own individual style. Whether it's recycling jeans with different tops, or just changing up a pair of shoes, you can do a lot with what you have in your closet.

So, here I go with one of my recent favorite winter looks!

If you know me, you know I love neutrals and solids because they are so easy to grab-n-go! You can replicate a look like this with pretty much any color in your closet - literally! The tip is to:
1) put on a pair of dark leggings (black, smoke, slate, charcoal), 
2) match with a neutral boot (earthy hues), 
3) throw on a comfy sweater (it can even be patterned), and
4) finalize with some accessories to bring it together. You can use jewelry, a bag, scarf, or a coat.  


When wearing solids, it's always fun to throw on some patterns. You can do this with a scarf, a bag, a coat, or jewelry. I have one too many coats in my closet, so obviously coats are my go-to!

And look who decided to make an appearance at the end!! Kalea says, "Hello!"

Merchandise Details:
- Coat: Uniqlo
- Boots: Marc Fisher
- Top: Express