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Equipping and empowering you to excel in marriage, motherhood, and ministry as a woman. 


Tools to help you excel in marriage, motherhood and ministry!





I’m a Womanhood Coach who equips women with the tools they need to be the best version of themselves and truly live in their purpose. I specialize in marriage, motherhood, and ministry. 

Let’s face it, as women we juggle many hats and things that are meant to be blessings (ie, marriage, motherhood and ministry) can often feel like burdens if we don’t steward them well. The call to womanhood is a heavy one, but you were built to carry this weight with grace! I’m here to show you how and to equip you to confidently navigate the terrain that already belongs to you!

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Coaching + Programs

Womanhood is a call that requires care, consistency and commitment in order to achieve progress. Whether you’re single, married, a mother, or in ministry, you need wisdom, training, and community to shape you into the best woman for your assignment and season.


I am the WIFE program

Women were designed with influential power to propel or destroy destinies. Your husband is no exception. This course is designed to push you into your divine call as a wife, and to provide you with the keys to be the best and desirable partner your husband needs.  


















Listen In! CPO5 Podcast

My husband and I met in 2006, married in 2011, had 3 daughters between 2016-2019, planted a church from nothing in 2016, and are now Pastoring in Baltimore, MD at Hope Center.  We have learned A LOT in the process and are honored to be the example for many. We are committed to share the blueprint God has given us. Join my husband and I on The Chavez Party of 5 (CPO5) Podcast as we discuss topics of love, marriage, parenting, ministry, and everything in between! Listen now on Apple Podcast, Spotify, and Podbean.

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