Franchesca Chavez

Lifestyle Empowerment Strategist

Helping you walk confidently in marriage, motherhood and ministry.

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Hi, I’m Franchesca! A wife, a mom, a pastor, and an entrepreneur. I’m here to teach you how to confidently navigate the areas of marriage, motherhood and ministry…and empower you to do it well!

My Story

I’m a wife, mother, author, speaker, entrepreneur, and Executive Pastor of a thriving church plant, Hope Center, in Maryland. Before becoming a full time pastor, I worked for 7 years as a top sales executive in the wedding industry generating over 5 million dollars in revenue for the top tech wedding platform in the U.S. I also graduated high honors from American University with a Masters in Sociology, concentrating on first generation Latinas in the U.S.  Needless to say, I have a passion to see women in all spheres of influence excel in their callings and purpose.

How it all started: I come from a single mother household. My mother worked 12 hour days to ensure my sisters and I had everything we needed. She didn’t have much, but what she had – faith, wisdom and life-giving words – she poured into us. Her steadfastness in a broken marriage, her joy in single motherhood, and her endurance in faith laid the blueprint for my success in these areas today. I have learned that marriage, motherhood, and ministry are full of defining moments meant to catapult us into all we are destined to be. Because of this, I have committed my life to help women steward those moments and become the best God-ordained version of themselves!

Today, I’m happily married to my best friend and power-house preacher, Sergio Chavez, and a proud momma to three beautiful girls (Kalea, Nadae, and Naviyah).

My Values & Beliefs

Love God & Love People

I’m a Jesus lover! My identity is rooted in Him, and I believe that my relationship with Him is manifested through my service to others. My highest honor on earth is to serve God by serving people.

My Family is My First Ministry

In my home, a healthy marriage is the cornerstone to a healthy family. Before I can serve others, I must serve my own family well. I believe the same goes for you, which is why I understand that life happens, you must take care of your own first, and that serving them well will make you the best version of yourself!

Progress Over Perfection

Perfection is unattainable, but progress is always attained when we apply wisdom to our daily living. 

Practice What You Preach

If I’m not living it out, I’m not talking about it. I share from my experience and what I’m putting into practice. Whether those experiences are failures or wins, I’m sharing them so that you can learn from them and win, too!

Honor is the Best Policy

Honor is a big practice in my home, in my ministry career, and my business. This means I value integrity, authenticity, respect, servant leadership, and character. I will give all of this to you! My ask is that it is reciprocated.

My Approach

I have a very personable approach to the work I do. I’m an open book (to the extent I can be while still protecting my home) and I feel I deliver best when I engage below the surface with my clients. So if you ever DM me, email me, interact with me on social media, you will always get ME! It may be 3am, but it’ll be me! I understand that the best experiences are curated through connection.

The essence of my teachings are derived from both a biblical and studied approach. That means I marry biblical truths with my sociological degree and life experiences.

My end goal is to see you walk confidently in your purpose and be successful in the areas of marriage, motherhood, and/or ministry. You are worthy and deserving of a space where you can evolve into the best version of YOU. 


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