What’s the Story?

I come from a broken home where I never saw a picture of what a healthy marriage looked like, nor was I surrounded by couples that inspired me. When I got married, all I knew was what NOT to do and heavily relied on the guidance of the Holy Spirit. 14 years later, I have a thriving marriage and when I say “I’m happily married,” I mean it – seriously! Now, I want to give you all the tools I uncovered on my journey to help you cultivate the thriving marriage you deserve.

What is I AM THE WIFE and Who is it for?

A 10-week virtual program that will uncover, empower, and teach you how to become the wife your husband needs and wants.  You’ll discover the power and influence you hold to catapult or kill his destiny!

More importantly, this course is designed to push you into your divine call and destiny. You’ll discover that you hold the favor key to catapult or kill your husband’s destiny! That is some tremendous power and influence in your hands and it’s important you learn to manage it well. A woman who can manage her power and influence is a woman who can confidently and successfully walk in her purpose.

If you are a woman desiring to build a thriving marriage, this program is for YOU – married, in a committed relationship, or preparing for marriage. I’m going to work alongside you and we’re going to DO THE WORK to develop you into the unmatched wife!

When does it start?

There will be 10 one-hour live sessions via Zoom over the course of 10 weeks and 2 group check-ins and Q&A sessions via Zoom over the course of those 10 weeks. 

We are currently running a cycle. Join the waitlist for the next cycle!


What exactly is I AM THE WIFE?

I Am The Wife (Woman Imparting Favor Everyday) is a 10 week virtual program designed to give you the tools to confidently walk in your assignment as a wife. I’m taking 15 years of experience, education, and biblical principles and putting them together to bring you a power packed program!

I’m single. Can I take this course?

Absolutely! Consider this Wife Prep University! If you are ready for Mr. Right, this is a perfect opportunity to prepare you for what’s coming.

I’m doing well as a wife already. Is this course for me?

Absolutely! Wifehood is a journey in which we are constantly evolving. The day we stop learning is the day we stifle our growth. While we may know many things, it never hurts to be reminded of our assignment and given a fresh perspective to ignite our passion to do it well.

When are the sessions?

Sessions are announced when the next cycle begins. 

How long are the sessions?

Each live session will range from 60-75 minutes. This includes the session + Q&A. I suggest you block out 75 minutes for the live session.

What happens if I miss a session?

I understand life happens – you work, have kids, have scheduled vacations – I get it! So, don’t worry. ALL sessions will be recorded and you will have access to all recordings! My ask is that you be as present and available as possible. But when life happens, your priority should be your family and well being. You can come back to sessions later.

What type of learning setting is this program?

This program is designed as a group session. Don’t worry, you won’t see anyone and they won’t see you! But you will have the opportunity to interact and connect with the small group of women who are in the program. I believe that we grow better in community.

Are there assignments I have to complete?

Yes, but nothing you will turn in to me. These assignments are for your own benefit so that you make the most of this program. I promise you, they will be worth it and you will learn so much!

How can I make the most of this course?

The best way to get your investment’s worth is to be present. And by that, I mean to be engaged, ask questions, participate in the FB group, do the assignments, and be open to learning and growing.

What happens if after starting this course, I feel it isn’t a fit for me?

I believe the integrity of your coach and the group is what makes for the best experience. After reading your assessment, I will reach out directly if I feel this isn’t a fit for you. That’s why completing your assessment is so important! Also, if after the first session you truly feel the content isn’t valuable, you have until 48 hours after the first session to ask for a refund. After that, this program is non-refundable.

What type of teaching can I expect from this course?

This course is a merge of biblical foundation, research education, and life experiences.

Will I receive 1 on 1 coaching?

This course is not designed for one on one coaching. You will have the opportunity to ask questions anonymously for our Live Q&As. You will also have the opportunity to ask questions at the end of each live session. I will offer 1 on 1 coaching after the course for anyone who wants additional support in a specific area.

I signed up, but I haven’t received any communication.

If you did not receive a Welcome Email with a link to complete your Pre-Assessment, please send me an email ASAP! hello@franchescachavez.com

Why is there an investment for this course?

My time, experience, and education are not free to me. I’ve invested much to provide you with the wealth of knowledge you will receive. The reality is we don’t appreciate or value things that are free. You invest in what you value. If you’re investing in your growth, you’ll value this experience. Read the testimonials or ask anyone who’s taken the course – it’s worth every penny!


When is the last day to sign up?

When the last day of enrollment is announced. 

I’ve completed my Pre-Assessment, now what?

Thank you for completing your assessment! Hang tight – After enrollment closes, you will receive an email with further instructions and an invitation to the Private FB Group!

What happens at the end of the program?

Graduation, of course! This will include surprises, so you don’t want to miss your graduation. You will also complete your post-assessment.

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