Lifestyle Empowerment Sessions with Franchesca Chavez

I teach wives, mothers and women in ministry how to navigate their roles with confidence and success!

1 on 1 Consulting

Marriage, motherhood and ministry are an art that require care, consistency and practice in order to achieve progress. Depending on where you are on your journey, you need a strategy to navigate your circumstances. Let me help you create one and see you through! From assessments and strategy development, to implementation and accountability, I’m here to hold your hand as you become the best version of yourself!

Lifestyle Empowerment Sessions

As a wife, you’ve doubted that you are enough for your spouse and can give them what they need. As a mother, you’ve felt like you’ve failed at your role in comparison to other moms and questioned your ability to mother well. As a leader, you’ve doubted your gifts, your call, and your ability to lead and serve others. You may be exhausted, at a cross roads, feeling stagnant, or just ready for a change. Whatever responsibility you carry, you were built to execute and execute well! I’m here to show you HOW and EMPOWER you to confidently navigate the journey. Let’s do it together!

I come from a broken home where I never saw a picture of what a healthy marriage looked like, nor was I surrounded by couples that inspired me. When I started dating, all I had was the example of what NOT to do and the reliance of the Holy Spirit.

14 years into relationship with my husband, I have a thriving marriage – and when I say I’m happily married, I mean it! Now, I want to give you all the tools I uncovered on my journey to help you cultivate the thriving marriage you deserve.

As your personal coach in this 3 month virtual program, I’ll uncover, empower, and teach you how to become the wife your husband needs and wants. BUT beware: you’ll also discover the power and influence you hold to catapult or kill his destiny! Consequently, I’ll be teaching you how to dominate and regulate your power and influence.

We’ll cover topics like: Your identity and assignment, Your insecurities and enemies, Communicating and regulating your emotions, What your husband wants and needs from you, Satisfying your husband (sexually, physically, and emotionally), Your influence and power, and more!

This program is for women who desire to build a thriving marriage. It’s perfect for anyone who is married, in a committed relationship, or preparing for marriage. In this program, I’m going to work alongside you in real time and we’re going to DO THE WORK!

If you can do the work, I can help you become the unmatched WIFE (Woman Imparting Favor Everyday).


My Approach 

I have a very personable approach to the work I do. I’m an open book (to the extent I can be while still protecting my home) and I feel I deliver best when I engage below the surface with my clients. So if you ever DM me, email me, interact with me on social media, you will always get ME! It may be 3am, but it’ll be me! I understand that the best experiences are curated through connection.

The essence of my teachings are derived from both a biblical and studied approach. That means I marry biblical truths with my sociological degree and life experiences.

My end goal is to see you walk confidently in your purpose and be successful in the areas of marriage, motherhood, and ministry. You are worthy and deserving of a space where you can evolve into the best version of YOU. 

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